Posted on: July 10, 2009 11:56 am
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NBA Team Tagging

I saw someone's post that "tagged" a word they wrote as an NBA team. I wondered how many teams I could get tagged if I wrote something that had nothing to do with that team yet still make a little sense, so here it goes.

Seems like Michael Jackson is making a lot of Bucks even after he passed away. It's like Magic. Of course if he were a Jazz musician, he wouldn't be doing this. It's not like I'm trying to steal any Thunder, but I don't want to take any Heat either. You wonder what his family will do with all that money he's making for them, maybe invest in some gold Nuggets. Then they will be living like Kings. Of course they could do something that Spurs all logic, maybe they would be called Mavericks, or even Trail Blazers. They may have to hire some body guards, maybe some Samurai Warriors for protection. As long as they don't blow it all on a trip to watch the running of the Bulls. Or purchase a bunch of bottle Rockets. Then the paparazzi will be watching them like Hawks.

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Posted on: March 17, 2009 2:10 pm

Twins Spring Training

 Well we've seen a couple weeks of spring training. I have not followed too closely, but I have noticed a few things. First Denard Span is hitting under .200, but at the same time has been bouncing around the OF. Could that be part of the reason why his hitting is down? I mean he has to keep changing focus in the field, and that could be affecting his hitting. Also Joe Crede is hitting under .200, but did go 3 for 3 with a double and a home run yesterday. I think he will continue to warm up as he is in a new place with new faces all around him. And as long as he is hitting home runs and getting RBIs, I don't care too much about his batting average.

Carlos Gomez is leading the team in Home Runs with 3. I don't think anyone else has more than one. I have not seen many when looking at box scores this Spring. Speaking of home runs, what is up with Craig Monroe? He hit like 8 total last year with the Twins. He leaves and goes to the Pirates and has 6 home runs this spring!? He better not go and hit 25+ this year. I will be very upset. That's kind of what the Twins were expecting when they signed him and although he did get 8 in limited play, the reason he had limited play was because his batting average was terrible.

Our pitching seems to be pretty steady overall. Still wondering how the bullpen is going to shape up. Jose Mirjares is struggling, but I did not expect him to keep up the crazy pace he was on last fall. Hopefully he can regain some of that by mid year.

Jose Morales is hitting over .300 and that is good if Joe Mauer is out at all early this year. Maybe he can take the pressure off of Mike Redmond.

Well it's 20 days until opening day.... I am axiously awaiting it! Go Twins!


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Posted on: December 31, 2008 10:36 am

A few stats from the 2008 Minnesota Vikings

Here are a few things I found out while looking at the Vikings season: Some are things you probably already knew, hopefully a few new items. The preseason Vikings strength of Schedule was fourth overall. I don’t know what it ended up being in terms of ranking, but our opponents won 129 games and lost 127. That includes 32 losses by the Lions, and still our opponents’ had a .504 percentage. If you take away the Lions, the rest of the teams were a combined .576 record. Including the upcoming Eagles game, the Vikings played every NFC team with a winning record, except Dallas. We also played the whole AFC South, the best division in the NFL. The Vikings once again had the #1 run defense, but also had the #18 pass defense, and #13 in scoring defense. We were 39% on third down, and 50% on fourth downs. Adrian Peterson was the leading rusher (both teams) in every game, except against Atlanta, when T-Jack led all rushers with 79 yards. I am a stats guy and like to look at this stuff up. If you have any interesting stats, please add them below.  
Posted on: November 10, 2008 1:06 pm

Vikings still win the game

Ok, so the call of "illegal forward pass" was wrong. It gets changed to intentional grounding apparently, and that was still suspect. Ok here's the thing. Jim Rome, as well as many others, are saying the Packers win the game if the call goes the right way. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Rome you are a complete idiot! (not that I didn't already know that)

The Packers would have had 3rd and 10 and Jared Allen would have had another shot at Aaron Rodgers. If they have to punt, out of the back of the end zone at that, the Vikings get the ball in great field position, and maybe get a field goal. Instead what happened was they got the safety (and 2 points) and the Packers got to kick off and the Vikings get the ball in thier own teritorry, offense stalls and they punt. All I'm saying is that this was early in the game, and it could have easily gone the Vikings way even if that call is right. If they play happens at the end of the game, then maybe, but still I can see how the Vikings still get 3 points instead of 2 if that call goes right.

Posted on: October 20, 2008 1:23 pm

Vikings Mistakes

So I used to get mad when the Vikings blew games. But after yesterdays game, it was just like, oh yeah that's typical. Two punts completely screwed up, one from the receiving end and one from the punting end. 4 INT's, Penaltys, etc.

One thing I've noticed about this year though, somehow in every loss we have had the ball with less than 4 mintues left with a chance to win or tie the game. Even though we have played some of the better teams in the NFL, the most we lost by was 13 points (and that was bumped up by the late INT that set up a short TD) We are so close to so many wins!

If the Vikings could play with even HALF the mistakes they could win. We proved that against the Lions and Saints, by somehow playing bad and still winning.

I don't know what the answer is, but I'm about ready to root for playing John David Booty and looking toward next year. (a year hopefully with a new coach)

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Posted on: October 1, 2008 9:11 am

Astros, now I understand!

Ok, so the whole coin flip thing to decide where game 163 was played never bothered me until last night. Yeah losing didn't help that, but the biggest thing that upset me was the fact that of the 40,354 fans who were in attendance I am pretty sure that over 40,000 of them were White Sox fans. I mean it was MORE than home field advantage. Obviously there was no way that the Twins fans were going to jump in the car and drive 6 + hours down to Chicago on less than 24 hours notice. The game started at 6:35pm which was less than 24 hours since the Tigers and White Sox game ended the night before.

Maybe we should have played the game in Milwaukee! Bud Selig wouldn't have been opposed to that surely.

Well, it's time to root for the Brewers, Rays, (maybe the Cubs). (anyone who plays the White Sox for sure), and start thinking about next year. Denard Span, Carlos Gomez, Alexi Casilla, Nick Blackburn, Kevin Slowey, Jose Mijares, and the rest of our young guys have got to have Twins fans super excited about the future!

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Posted on: September 30, 2008 2:54 pm

The suspense is killing me!

Ok, so it's down to this, game 163, two days after everyone else has finished up their seasons, and other playoff teams are making plans or traveling to begin the Division Series.

The Twins have not played well in US Cellular field this year (2 wins in 9 games I believe) but we have played well against the White Sox overall. (10-8) The question is - Can Chicago win a 3rd game in a row in 3 days against 3 different teams? Or maybe the question is can the Twins win a 4th game in a row against Chicago in the span of 1 week? I have analyzed this from every angle, can you tell?

Joe Mauer is pretty much the batting champ even if he doesn't get a hit. (please Joe get a hit!) If he goes 0-6 he still would finish above Dustin Pedroida. Justin Morneau needs just 2 RBI's to be the champin that catagory. Funny how these stats actually count for the regular season and they don't go to "postseason" stats.

Well it all comes down to tonight, will we be playing more or is this the end of the road? Come on Twins, you can do it!

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Posted on: September 9, 2008 10:08 am

Who is more frustrating?

Ok, the Twins have thouroughly frustrated me this past week, but then the Vikings come out and play bad against the Packers too.

Here's what I saw last night that made me upset:

1. Dropped or uncaught balls. I don't think most of those incompletions were T-Jack's fault. A few times he put it right in the recievers hands and they couldn't hang on.

2. Jared Allen. The only time his name was called was for an offsides penalty. How much is he getting paid? He couldn't even make a few tackles?

3. That brings me to a very upsetting defensive series: First we give up a 56 yard pass play, but then give the Packers SEVEN opportunites inside of 6 yards of the goal line because of penalties. A sack of Rodgers that might have made them end up kicking a FG was taken off by defensive holding.

4. Finally two calls that were horrible. How the heck do we lose that challenge? Shianco caught the ball, took two steps, was tackled, and then when his elbow hit the ground the ball pops out. He had the ball in complete control until his elbow hit the ground. How is this incomplete? Also, near the end of the game Bobby Wade had a ball thrown to him and his arm was being pulled back behind him by the defender. No pass interference. Overall the game was called pretty well. The Vikings got a couple breaks, like a touchdown pass being called back on a Packers flag. But those two plays were the ones I remembered most.

The Vikings have a tough road ahead, but I'm not disparing. Anyone remember what the Superbowl Champion Giants record was early last season? I do believe that they lost the first couple games.

The Twins still have a chance at the playoffs, but I'm not sure our bullpen can do much of anything right now..... Maybe we could bring in Gus Frerotte to pitch the 8th inning.........

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